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Issued the second unsecured bond on March 31

March 31, 2014

Guidance of companies issuing ‘Dongbank Eco Private Bonds’

We will inform you that we have underwritten 30 thousand yen of GSI’s second unsecured corporate bond (with guarantee of Hokkaido Bank, Ltd.) on March 31, 2014. Issuance of “Treasury Bank Eco Private Placement Bonus” is required to clear strict issuance criteria for enterprise size, financial affairs, and revenue content and actively engage in environmental conservation, issuing “Donbu Eco private placement bond” Companies are being evaluated socially as excellent environmentally friendly companies. The corporate bonds issued by the company are five-year bonds, and we plan to allocate these funds for business funds.

company overview
company name GSI Co., Ltd.
HP URL :https://glue-si.com
location Hokkaido Sapporo City Kita-ku Kita 7-chome West 1-chome SE Sankyo Building 13F
Representative Naoki Izumi
Industry Information and communication industry
Business contents etc. 《Messages from companies》 Our company is a software / system developer established in 2004. We will optimize the system according to customer’s needs and environment to improve system efficiency. We have bases in Sapporo and Tokyo and we can achieve high quality, low cost and short time development by nearshore development. In addition, we are making environmentally conscious efforts such as saving energy and energy conservation within the office, and in April 2013 we are certified and registered in the “Sapporo Eco Member Registration System” and we are working on environmentally friendly management . We will continue to devote ourselves to cutting-edge technology development and human resource development and contributing to further advancement in the IT industry.
Hokkaido Bank supports the companies that are considering environmentally-friendly management.