The Uレジ is a multifunctional and low-cost tablet cash register.
It is equipped with a simple analysis function as a standard feature as well as real time sales management.
The Uレジ can solve various issues and problems.

Advantages of using Uレジ

Uレジ コスト削減Cost reduction

TaskAfter using Uレジ Food

Cost to close the register

If a part-time worker earning 1,000 yen per hour does a 30-minute cash register clamping job every day, he or she earns 15,000 yen per month.

“Just push the register close button to be done!15,000/month cost savings

The cost of handwritten slips

Using 50 sheets of 350 yen per slip, if 30 pairs visit the store, 18,900 yen/month (estimate based on 3 sheets per pair)

Replacing handwritten slips with thermal paper reduces the cost by 3,000 yen per 30 rolls (100 yen per roll) by 15,900 yen per month. ※Our research

The cost of training for cash register operations

Even if you hire a part-time worker, they can’t work the cash register until they learn the menu, they are worried about order handling, and they can take the wrong orders.

Intuitively learn the operation of order / cash register accounting even on the first day of a part-time job

Losses due to fraud

Deters fraudulent activities such as sales cancellations, order cancellations and excessive discounting.

A record of all cancellations and cancellations can be kept and an environment can be established in which fraud is not easily possible.

Losses due to errors in the register

Losses due to under-invoicing due to a typo in the unit price at the time of accounting, and loss of confidence due to over-invoicing.

Minimizes operational errors

Uレジ コスト削減Improving customer satisfaction

TaskAfter using Uレジ Food

Order offer time

If you take an order by hand, there will be a time loss before you tell it to the kitchen.

Shorten the time between taking an order and the start of cooking, and serve it smoothly.

checkout time

Keep customers waiting by checking handwritten slips while working the register.

The ability to enter items in advance adds smoothly to the checkout process at busy checkout times.

Order provision mistake

In some cases, we can’t keep track of everything on the menu and incorrect guidance.

Accurate guidance while checking the price of the item, such as toppings that cost a fee.

out-of-stock goods

We need to check the kitchen for out-of-stock items to make sure we’re providing the right information to our customers.

Out-of-stock information will be displayed, allowing you to suggest out-of-stock products and other products on the spot.

Uレジ コスト削減Full support system

Direct visits and guidance through the entire process from pre-introduction meetings to operations
Arrangement of internet connection, wiring, etc. required for installation
A dedicated help desk is available for support during and after installation.We are available on the phone 365 days a year to support our customers.

Smart design and intuitive operation

Simple and intuitive operability because the POS specializes in the functions required for restaurants. Simple and easy-to-remember operations that don’t require a manual, making checkout operations simple.
Uレジ 端末イメージ

Simple of equipment configuration with handheld terminals

Uレジ 機材構成例

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