Web-ERP package, GRANDIT

GRANDIT is a Web-ERP that is developed from a customer point of view to suit Japanese company culture in a consortium system that domestic vendors cooperated.
GRANDIT, which achieved full web compatibility, will adapt to all company sizes and business characteristics, and enable flexible introduction.
We constantly reflect customers’ needs to the product enhancement, and it can be introduced for a short period with less customization.
It is also suitable for introducing into medium-sized companies. We solve various management tasks introducing it by combining free templates.

Outline of GRANDIT

GRANDIT Overview
  • Achieve a competitive business with complete Web-ERP

    With the adoption of Microsoft.Net, we achieved operability further beyond conventional client and server systems that thoroughly pursue the characteristics of core businesses on a complete web.
  • A true all-in-one that integrates everything beyond mission-critical tasks

    It standardizes on workflow, EDI (Electronic Data Exchange), EC (Electronic Commerce), BI (Business Intelligence), etc. to achieve informationization and optimization that seamlessly connects business groups and business partners.
  • Ultimate consortium formula that comprehensively diversified business expertise

    Through the consortium system, we have gathered technology, knowledge and experience of each company to complete Web-ERP.
  • Excellent scalability for a wide range of enterprises and industries

    We can adapt to various company scales and business characteristics, promote flexible introduction form, achieve few customer-customization with abundant functions, and enable the short term introduction.

Excellent comprehensive power and expandability

GRANDIT Comprehensive strength and expandability

Sales, inventory control, manufacture

Standardly incorporating EDI and EC functions and achieving seamless and speedy collaboration with business partners. With the total management of prospect, customer management, estimate and receiving orders, receipt/shipment, stock, GRANDIT supports manufacturing plan and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and purchase based on demand forecast.

Accounting, assets, expenses

Automating routine tasks with the scheduler function, pursuing work efficiency, and enabling accounting information management by division, project, and segment. GRANDIT registers the expense voucher on site and approves it. In addition to accounting for fixed assets and leased assets, the property management related to department, installation place, and cost is also available.

Claims, obligations

Accepting various settlement methods such as bank transfer, bills, due date settlement, management of sales, purchase, billing, collection and payment, and also foreign currency transactions. GRANDIT optimizes the settlement by automatic collection clearing and scheduler payment processing, as well as the functions of managing schedule, date control and balance.

Personnel affairs, salary

Managing history of all personnel information automatically updated from personnel application using workflow, it is possible to extract suitable information for the purpose with various search functions. Payroll formulas in the form of parameters, payroll and deduction tables can be set for each salary system, and GRANDIT will fully comply with social insurance and income tax revisions.

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