Notice of service termination

  Thank you for your continued patronage of E-Testing.

  We provided this service as a measure for employment exams
  We have determined that it will be difficult to continue the service in the future due to the deterioration of the system.
  As of the end of April 2021, all functions will be stopped.

  Thank you for using this product for a long time.
Employment examination is the age of the Web

Employment examination is the age of the Web

Many companies introduce online tests for entrance exams to reduce implementation cost.
The credibility is highly evaluated for the system characteristics.
Additionally, grades data like TOEIC scores are shareable among companies that implement the same test,
which increases the popularization of this service.
Job hunting test by web test can not be handled by measures of written exam

Job hunting test by web test can not be handled by measures of written exam

Online test is not compatible with ordinary techniques for paper-based test such as analyzing the tendency of the whole test and time allocation.
It is necessary to answer all genres evenly at the pace of equally about 1 minute per a question.
Such a difference in the formats must be an obstacle for students who only have experience in book study and paper test.

Benefits of students

High accuracy prediction problems such as SPI 2, CAB, GAB, Kreperin etc

More than 1,500 predicted questions based on the analysis of the trend.
Various kinds of tests such as language, non-language, general questions, general common sense, business etiquette, general manners, aptitude test, etc., are available.

You can learn whenever you have internet

You can take tests anytime inside and outside school with online environment.

Appropriate job diagnosis

The result of answering all 260 limbs question reveals your suitability.
You would find how your aptitude will be evaluated from companies, how companies take your answers, and what kind of suitability is required for certain jobs.

Overcome weakness

Since you can make your own drills, you can repeat difficult questions you have made wrong answers, which offers you the intense learning.
In addition, the question search function enables efficient learning to overcome your weaknesses.

Benefits of management side

Reduce labor and cost

Group aggregate results and individual grades of the nationwide academic ability tests are available.
The processes of tests as the following are all completed within E-testing II.
The venue reservation, test implementation, collecting answers, grading, compiling nationwide records, announcement, and so on.

As a communication tool for individual guidance

See detailed situation of users and their grades individually.
Use as a communication tool with analysis of the academic ability and aptitude, and also consultation about learning policy.

Use for planning and budgeting

It enables more efficient planning and budgeting supplementary lessons, seminars, and guidance by making sure of the ability and weakness trends of universities and departments.

Manage personal progress

Most students usually attend lectures to acquire credits and do job hunting activities during the same period.
E-testing II allows you to use as a credit unit managing students’ personal progress on the school side.

Effect measurement measurement reference data

The estimation of changes in motivation and consciousness by reading the number of login times and users of day and month might be used as a reference to measure the effects of career event and guidance.

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