We offer highly value-added solutions with specialized technology
planning, design, operation, and maintenance.

System construction
We are developing a system according to each environment.
We analyze the optimum environment for a system regardless of the types of environment, such as OS, language, DBMS, etc., and construct the system in the optimum operational and development environment to further improve the efficiency.

We constructed our own framework out of our past achievements and flexibly reuse them.
This makes it possible to maintain a stable system in a short period of time, which means the possible supply of better system at a lower cost.

system consulting service
Linking with our system-consulting service enables customers to do all processes of the system construction.
We smoothly penetrate customers’ needs to the developer level, and consequently expect a dramatic increase in development efficiency.

From man-month to large scale system
We currently undertake tasks of software development in general, for example, large-scale projects such as core systems, development of packaged products, and production of certain functions.
Also, request us to take on small projects that major companies might usually refuse.

design consistently
By holding our own design department, we flexibly respond to a wide range of creation of graphics and icons integrated with products and design of web pages.
We provide the convenient user interface with sophisticated design considering usability and accessibility, which improves operational efficiency.