Management Principles

The greatest contribution we could make for society is the following and there is nothing else.
It is to create employment, maintain it and keep increasing employment opportunity.
Our goal is to share happiness with everyone who involves us.

Basic Management Policy

In order to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers, we strive for the optimal management environment with the best IT service. By building high-quality computer systems and improving the reliability of them, we aim to gain total customer satisfaction and to increase the long-term profitability for our shareholders.

System development is a form of craft that engineers are required knowledge and skills, so that those who give birth to a system could be called “artisan”. We aim to make everyone of our company to gain world master class skills by our effort to increase engineering efficiency and research on advanced technology.

We are willing to help individuals to acquire skills. Offering rewards to our employees efforts is the best way to guarantee that our employees provide our clients the highest satisfaction. Each employee is paid commensurate with his talent, which includes not only his age and career but also his record of providing customer satisfaction.

Code of Conduct

1. Be a good programmer with his highly sophisticated skills.
2. Be a good software engineer knowing the basics such as accounting and sales.
3. Improve management skills and become a leader who offers good performance at projects.
4. Be flexible enough to meet 100% of our clients’ requirements.

Understand the principles behind these listed above and continually experience and improve himself.