Management Principles

Putting everything into the growth of our people

Basic Management Policy

We will continue to deliver high-quality, innovative services that will surprise to our customers. When something happens, we want to be your first choice. In order to do so, we believe that personal growth is of utmost importance. We believe that the value we provide to our customers comes from the individuality of our employees.

We provide both opportunity and support to those with initiative. Those not satisfied with the status quo, and wishing for growth will find abundance and career opportunities here.

Engineers single-mindedly focused on technology belong in the past. We want to increase the number of people who can continue to think and create value. We will not back down from our responsibility to foster human resources and will continue to put every effort into it.

Principles of Conduct

1.Is initiative involved in work?
Instead of doing so because you have been instructed, show initiative. Furthermore, think about what you would do and then take action. Define your own work while keeping in line with the major goals set by the company.

2.Innovation starts right in front of you.
We’re always thinking about how we can get better. We will improve work efficiency without being satisfied with the current situation. Changing something, even the smallest things in front of us, is the first step that can lead to major innovation. We value such ingenuity.

3.Find a solution, not an excuse.
Even if we are in a tough situation, we will not make excuses. We continue to ask ourselves “What should I do then?” and act upon it. There is always a breakthrough.